Angelica Tree & Wisteria Control

Continuing with the wildlife habitat restoration priorities outlined in the Hilltop Reservation’s Master Plan and in its Invasive Plant Management Plan, Essex County engaged a contractor to address the large infestations of Japanese angelica tree and Japanese wisteria on the Reservation’s eastern slope (Aralia elata and Wisteria floribunda, respectively).  The contractor has been using a combination of foliar spray and basal bark application methods to treat leaves and stems (see photos below).

In 2019 and 2020, the contractor, NJ Invasive Species Strike Team interns and Conservancy volunteers treated more than 30,000 angelica tree stems as well as 10 acres of wisteria.  In their place, we now see native spicebush and tree seedlings starting to grow.  In 2021, you’ll see us mopping up any remaining stragglers to ensure that these two foreign invaders do not regain a foothold in the Reservation.

For more information on Japanese angelica tree and Japanese wisteria, please visit the New Jersey Invasive Species Strike Team Information Center.

Japanese Angelica Tree Stems, Eastern Slope — Post-treatment (Credit:  Theresa Trapp)
Japanese Wisteria Vines, Eastern Slope — Post-treatment (Credit:  Cedar Grove DPW)