Human Use

Centuries of human use have left their mark on the Hilltop, from old stone fencerows in the woods to concrete foundations and debris left over from Essex County building demolition.  Below are images of various Hilltop facilities / features from the 1900’s — more information can be obtained by searching online.

Essex County Penitentiary undated — southwestern corner of the Hilltop (Credit:
Prisoner’s Pond and White Rock circa 1914 — east of the penitentiary (Credit:  Bob Williams, Verona Historical Society)
Essex Mountain Sanatorium circa 1940’s — at the top of the Second Watchung Mountain (Credit:  Richard Kennedy)
Essex County Leaf Composting Facility 1988 — southwest of the former sanatorium on old agricultural fields (Credit:  Carl Sposato)
DEP Composting Facility Sign (Credit:  Dave Grossman)











Fire Apparatus House, Essex County Hospital (aka Overbrook Asylum) — eastern slope of the Reservation along Fairview Avenue in Cedar Grove (Credit: