Manage a Project

(Credit: Fred Cushmore)

There are a number of additional improvements that could be made in the Hilltop Reservation, for which we need volunteers who are willing to take charge and manage their implementation.  These potential projects require some planning and team coordination skills, but not necessarily a lot of labor or expertise.

See project list below, and contact the Conservancy officers to discuss further.  If you want to manage a project you think is important, but don’t see it on this list, please feel free to propose it!


  • Trails Map Update
    • Current map is almost 9 years old; work with MSU or other local university GIS program student on senior-level project to re-survey Hilltop trails and update map features.
  • Western Route Upgrade
    • Essex County has agreed to fund this; supervise County and contractor(s) to clear, grade and re-surface route from the end of Courter Lane in North Caldwell to where the route meets the main service road inside the Reservation.
  • Forest Canopy Gap Identification
    • Tree blow-downs and death from disease have created significant gaps in the Hilltop’s forest canopy where invasive plants are moving in; map large gaps via GPS and identify target areas for future native tree planting.