Border Clean-up

We’ve been surveying the Reservation’s borders during the past six months for old debris as well as trash dumped behind homes that abut the Hilltop.  We found some surprises.

Thanks to Chris Lawrence‘s efforts, we’ve identified, collected and removed quite a bit of garbage and other items — see sample photos below.  And kudos to the North Caldwell DPW and the Verona Environmental Committee / Sustainable Verona teams and DPW for supplying labor and trucks to finish the job.

We still need to complete our survey of the eastern slope and edges, so if any of you want to join Chris on his walk-abouts, let us know — he even has “trash grabbers” he can lend you.

Hopefully, people will realize that tossing unwanted items “over the back fence” isn’t healthy for our nature preserve?  Keep up the good work, everyone!