Indigo Bunting (Credit:  Janet Markman)

There are many ways to support the upkeep of Hilltop Reservation. You can become a member of the Conservancy, subscribe to our mailing list, lend a hand with restoration projects and / or you can make a donation to help fund all of these activities (and more!).  Every dollar contributed to the Hilltop Conservancy is used to purchase supplies and services necessary to support Reservation improvements managed by us, and we rely on contributions from people like you.

If you wish to help financially, you can submit funds via PayPal (using the Donate button) or pay via check made out to “Hilltop Conservancy, Inc.” and snail-mail it to the Conservancy at the address below.

Please keep in mind that many corporations offer matching contributions for donations to qualified non-profit entities like the Hilltop Conservancy.  Check with your employer to see if you can double the impact of your donation, whether via payroll deduction or after-the-fact with proof of payment.  If you require proof of payment, contact Theresa Trapp, Hilltop Conservancy Treasurer for assistance:

Thank you!!


Hilltop Conservancy, Inc.
c/o Theresa Trapp, Treasurer
34 Depot Street
Verona, NJ  07044