Our Conservancy‘s MISSION is to keep the Hilltop Reservation as a nature preserve that provides habitat for native plant and wildlife species; and a site that provides respite, enjoyment and learning activities to the community.



  • A “leave it as you found it” philosophy.
  • Curiosity for the natural world and learning opportunities for children of all ages.
  • Respect for wildlife, natural places and visitors.
  • This nature preserve as a community treasure.
  • Our role as stewards of the Hilltop Reservation property.



  • Abundant native plants and animal species in residence:
    • Restoring wildlife habitat in the Hilltop’s grasslands, forests and wetlands to provide food and shelter for native birds, mammals, reptiles and pollinators
    • Controlling foreign invasives to mitigate these species’ negative impacts on habitat quality
  • A “go to” place for hikers, birders and other nature enthusiasts, learning projects and those interested in the simple beauty of a nature preserve:
    • Providing and maintaining the Hilltop’s trails network, including signage and connections to other local trails
    • Creating a trails map and wildlife checklists to familiarize visitors with the Reservation
  • Lively and ongoing communication with the community about activities and status:
    • Maintaining a website with information about the Reservation, Conservancy projects and events
    • Providing regular updates via subscriber list emails and social media postings
    • Increasing the the number of friends of the Hilltop by growing membership in the Conservancy
    • Working with local municipalities, non-profit groups and service organizations to make improvements