Prisoners Pond Forest Regeneration

The Hilltop Prisoners Pond Forest Regeneration project has made significant progress — even with Covid-19 restrictions, multiple teams of dedicated scouts and Conservancy volunteers were able to clear, plant and mulch the second section in Spring 2020.  This year, a scout from Cedar Grove’s Troop 65 is clearing the third section for his Eagle project.

As before, we’re cutting and stacking fallen trees, branches and invasive bush honeysuckle shrubs.  We’re also removing quite a few Japanese honeysuckle / Asiatic bittersweet / porcelain-berry vines (keeps things interesting!).  Our goal is to finish clearing this third section by the end of Spring — then we’ll determine what to plant and whether that will be done Fall 2021 or Spring 2022.  See project page for more details.

If you wish to help with brush-clearing and other tasks, please contact the Hilltop Conservancy officers.  We look forward to continuing to move this exciting project forward — thank you for your support!