Prisoners Pond Forest Regeneration

The Hilltop Prisoners Pond Forest Regeneration Project has made significant progress towards its first phase objectives.  A dedicated group of volunteers has cleared approximately one acre of invasive plant species, primarily bush honeysuckle.  (Read the full proposal here.)

These woody-stemmed large shrubs / small trees were so thick one could not walk more than a few feet.  Now, most of the aforementioned area is clear.  Removal of the honeysuckle has revealed the poor health of many of the ash trees on site, which have been ravaged by ash yellows syndrome and the emerald ash borer (an invasive beetle).  These diseased trees will, unfortunately, need to be brought down.


Preventing further growth of invasive bush honeysuckle.
Removing invasive bush honeysuckle at Hilltop Reservation

Volunteers are working to fell these trees which will then need to be cut up into sections and moved aside in order to make way for digging and prepping of tree planting holes later this fall.

If you are willing to help with moving cut brush and logs, or if you have experience with a chainsaw, please contact Dave Freschi.  We look forward to continuing to progress this exciting project.  Thanks for your support!

Dave Freschi 
Project Manager