Prisoners Pond Forest Regeneration

The Hilltop Prisoners Pond Forest Regeneration project has made significant progress — multiple teams of dedicated volunteers have cleared approximately two acres of invasive plant species (primarily bush honeysuckle), and planted more than 80 native trees and shrubs in the first section.  See project page for more detail.

Volunteers have also been working with Essex County to cut down dead and dying white ash and Norway maple trees to prevent them from crushing newly-planted saplings in the future.

The next step in this project is to bring in an excavator to finish clearing brush and logs from the second section, and to dig 100+ planting holes for the next series of native trees and shrubs.  The saplings and other supplies will be delivered this-coming April — at that time we’ll definitely need more volunteers to get everything into the ground.

If you wish to help with planting native trees and improving wildlife habitat, please contact the Hilltop Conservancy officers.

We look forward to continuing to move this exciting project forward — thanks for your support!